Made this at home, Hope ya enjoy….

25 Responses to “Oakley Freestyle Extreme Ski Video/Movie”
  1. kingofpoptarts99 says:

    4 15 YARD SALE

  2. AntManG017 says:

    @robeth1 shut up your kids are gonna hear it eventually quit being over protective and let them watch the video how it should be watched, with the music. dont give oakley shit for it because they are oakley sponsered skiiers but oakley did not make the video

  3. skiheavenhead says:

    AMAZING! lol

  4. pererkul says:

    Good video, though the music is horrible and some of the songs are horrible remixes.

  5. skimba123 says:

    wau! you only change mucik!

  6. Hexxle says:

    4:15, He’s fucked.

  7. Lskisocc98 says:


    oakley didn’t even put these tracks into it. the guy who posted this put the songs in. :)

  8. Ianguitarsolo says:

    it does go quite well with the vid tho

  9. Ianguitarsolo says:

    1:30 thts fuckin kl

  10. onthescene345 says:

    whats the song

  11. RickOrShay says:

    the kid edited the video and put his own music ;)

  12. robeth1 says:

    My kids enjoyed seeing pics of these talented skiers.Had 2 turn off the volume on the foul mouth rap song.Oakley,I am shocked.Enough marketing this lousy rap.

  13. xxxbmxerxxx1 says:

    going tommarrow yay

  14. ColPBVP says:

    great video…unfortunate inconvenient unintelligent cliche burnt-out holdin’ a brother down muzak

  15. Peruvian007 says:

    Well done fag you changed the song of an awesome video.

  16. 88Gplaya says:

    this is so legit.

  17. twintipskier8 says:

    u def didnt make dis

  18. Interleap says:

    no they can’t

    but seriously dude you didnt make this

  19. Baum145 says:

    all boarders know the oakley team! don´t tell shit that you made this vid by you´re own Bastard!!!

  20. 6400098 says:

    u didnt made this vid -.- its the oakley team video from the website

    gay noob
    they can arrest u for this :P

  21. 0bs3n3 says:

    Right, you changed the song in the video and consequently ruined it, and you claim you made it?

  22. asumo123 says:

    awsome video guys but i have to say the music sucked

  23. bboynpng says:

    Damn! I was wondering so much at 2:43 !!!

  24. cheefinherbs420 says:

    shits so fuckin bomb

  25. ThamPlay5 says:

    this video let me think about how awsome skiing is. i think i could never do it in my life what these guys do as job :S :D
    i want to go skiing now.. winter you have to come soon!!!!!!! ;)

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